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HY-LTW Cargo & Passenger Terminal,

The project is not merely a building made of glass & steel but is a collection of different activities housed in separate masses that are connected with each other in a natural way, introducing different senses of movements and feelings in the interior & exterior spaces. The linear organization of these spaces allows the funtions to be perfomed efficiently, and the building can be maintained easily. Thus, along with the issue of functionality, the architects have also tried to address the issue of maintenance in the long run.


Keeping in mind, the idea to design the building for two types of users: the Passengers & the Working staff, it was intended to inject a feeling of a naturally incessant and functional behavior by merging the practicality of a mega project, functioanlity for the staff & aesthetics for the passengers. So, the project is a juxtaposition of functions placed in an articulated/landscaped space where passengers are invited to meander around, and the staff to perform their activities so that the idea of work & travel can happen more ideally and casually.


The project is percieved to provide a sense of fluidity within a rigid environment where public spaces are formulated by human movement. In this manner, the passengers move in a natural but, of course, a controlled way, and the staff is able to perform the required functions more easily and authoritatively, thereby making the design more “Functional as well as People Oriented”. The design is likely to introduce a character of adaptability and friendliness for both, the passengers & the working staff.

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