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Abu Dhabi Ladies Club,
Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.)

The project (in its phase I) is a collection of various leisure activities and offers a variety of facilities like the cafeteria, health club, gymnasium and SPA, a restaurant and V.I.P. lounges, etc. for the female population of Abu Dhabi with many overtly feminine flourishes throughout. For example the large fabric roof forms are derived from the petals of a flower. This flora is further echoed in the branching pattern of foliage scattered across the windows embedded in the curved stone clad walls.​

The free flowing forms of the building, the curved walls, the indented entrances, the flamboyantly styled canopy, all are the unique features of the building and add tremendously to the value of the project.

The building merges effortlessly with the surrounding landscape in a natural fashion and takes the visitors by breathe as they become a part of it.


The phase II of the project, which is , has been developed jointly with UPA Italia, houses an auditorium with a seating capacity for 600 people, along with a cafeteria and a lounge bar, in addition to a classic and highly stylish ballroom with a capacity for 1000 people.

The concept originates from the dynamics of organic architecture and the building has a high degree of fluidity in all dimensions that blends perfectly with the surrounding features of landscape and the movement of the people within and outside the same. The curved walls, the indentations as entrances, metallic canopies, inclined wall junctions; all speak of the high design intent and the inviting character of the building.

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