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About Us

Designers' Alcove for Art & Architecture is a customized design consultancy firm, committed to professional & high quality design. Located in New Delhi, Milan and Abu Dhabi, our team has been delivering high quality architectural design & build & services since its establishment in 2006.

In its short journey till now, Designers' Alcove has designed a wide variety of projects and we pride ourselves on the beginning of a never ending quest for comprehension and subsequent application of urban design, architecture & interior decor of high professional standards, built by our ability to cater to even the smallest of the needs of the project.

Understanding the importance of research & innovation, our functional philosophies are based on inventive, innovative and intrinsic design ethics deeply rooted in social planning, contextual design, and environmental responsibility, so as to offer design solutions that are not only specific, but also sensitive, thoughtful, and humane. Our team is committed to debate and participate in the shaping of the course of contemporary architecture and planning. From innovation in contextual design to the use of symbolism and iconography, we work to expand the concepts of what architecture & urban planning can be, locally and globally. For last 15 years, we have have been working in collaboration with some of the highly regarded international architects, designers & consultants.

Working beyond the realms of simple building design, we have been incorporating active and logical solutions based on green-buildings, non-conventional energy harvesting systems and sustainable architecture, thereby reducing the net energy footprint of the building by active & passive means.

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