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Furniture, Products & Installations

As walls and slabs, furniture may delimit and define a space. However, opposite to constructive elements, which distinguish the rooms in a more permanent way, furniture may create useful boundaries between one space and another in an easily adaptable way.

Over the past decade, tiny houses and micro-apartments have gained an immense amount of popularity as affordable and environmentally-friendly options for modern living. With compact architecture growing increasingly preferable or necessary for many, spatially-conscious furniture design is becoming increasingly relevant as well. Some of the most critical areas for space-saving are living rooms, kitchens and offices, where the multitude of functions and necessity of storage can make it difficult at times to make efficient use of space.

A well-executed furniture design can result in timeless units of the furniture that never goes out of style. Furniture design from classic lounge chairs to modern dressing tables and comfortable beds to versatile coffee tables, Designers' Alcove has everything for modern and latest Furniture Design.

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