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Spiretech Mixed Use Development,
Greater Noida (UP)

We visualized the building as a combination, a cascade of events, occurring simultaneously at different levels and volumes, influencing each other. Our project is not mere an IT building made up of glass and steel, but it is a collection of different events housed in separate masses, that are connected with each other in a very fluid manner. Thus introducing a different sensitivity and feeling on the built and unbuilt spaces, placed on the undulating landscape proposed for the flat land.


We try to imbibe the feeling of informal human behavior in our project and create a vibrant environment, so that our project is juxtaposition of objects placed in a  landscaped area,  inviting people to  meander around, to participate and get entertained in different events and activities. The project is imagined to provide a sense of fluidity placed within a rigid environment where  spaces are perceived to be formed by human movement in a natural way.


It will offer a relationship between open and closed spaces in the most informal way. The ideals of  work / live/ play merge and happen simultaneously.  It will try to solve problems of heating and ventilation by relying on open courtyards and landscape elements.


The project will be made up of a sequence of steps, platforms, green terraces  that are connected to each other at different levels in a hierarchical order to create meeting spaces that will  be more flexible and more humanizing; giving strong visual representation to the public aspect of the building. The project will have a visual sense of direction towards the flood plain.


Our proposal is an architectural unification in time and space, where we try to bring different people together at the same unified environment with different activities going  in a most beautiful way.

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