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Delhi Public School,
Ferozabad (Agra)

The project is a secondary school located on the outskirts of the city of Ferozabad with an expected strength of about 2500 students from across the city of Agra as well. It aims to be one of the most prestigious institutes in the region and hence the challenge was to make it stand out in terms of the overall environment and facilities. And so we chose to give it an identifiable geometrical configuration with elegance and an inviting character. The school and grounds are compatible with the surroundings and sufficient to facilitate the curriculum and programs. This principle relates to personality of place and "in harmony" with nature and the surroundings. A friendly space connects the outside world to the inside world. Spaces that foster a sense of community (unity and belonging) were identified as public areas (Auditorium, Amphitheater, Media Center, Commons, and Dining Room).


First part of the project was the higher secondary wing and was planned to be a primary and higher secondary grade section of the project with a total strength of about 1800 students. The project’s multi functionality reflects how versatile the facility is in relation to the different tasks it can accomplish. The indoor and outdoor environments guarantee students and teachers security and comfort. Supervisable circulation patterns, security systems, safe grounds and equipment, and toilets in classrooms are duly considered. Hallways (walls and alcoves) are suitable for displaying student work. Views of indoor and outdoor spaces (gardens, animals, fountains, mountains, people, etc.) improve the overall design. A system of climate control maintains a comfortable temperature in the classroom learning environment.

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