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Fizzonasco Housing,
Milan (Italy)

These apartments and lofts in Milan have been made with special care and aesthetics. An appropriate placement and orientation accentuates their value in a spacious green complex. The base podium provides the solution to meet every need for the parking. There are three different housing types. In addition to the large areas of the judiciously sized lofts and their terraces, that meet the most demanding requirements in terms of space, materials and finishing of various individual apartments, lofts and common spaces of the building of the complex first ensure quality, comfort and durability.


Once inside, the guest/resident is carried away by the subtle graphical green landscape amidst the transparencies back to a pleasant atmosphere with a new taste to live. The modernity of the interiors has been taken as an opportunity to create an informal and impressive ambiance. The choice and permutations of various furniture layouts and material selection together with the overall housing solution raises a safe and comfortable oasis for the inhabitants  to live in.

The project's functional philosophies are based on inventive, innovative and intrinsic design & planning ethics deeply rooted in social planning, contextual design, and environmental responsibility, so as to offer design solutions that are not only specific, but also sensitive, thoughtful, and humane.

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