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Al Qasim Green University,
Babel (Iraq)

The Proposed University Design attempts to create a highly contemporary sustainable development, that  conforms to international standards of environmental performance, yet is connected to the traditional roots and principles. The proposed concept represents our design philosophy, to incorporate environmental-friendly features as important aspects, right through the designing process, and not as remedies after completion.

The design process begins with a detailed analysis of the project Guidelines and study of the site and its surroundings along with geographical and social factors. The emphasis on the various aspects of planning and design criteria, strengthens our vision for the Green University project.

The term Green University befits the design approach to perfection… The design proposes itself as the most suitable solution for the functional requirements of the development as well as addresses the sustainable issues of the region. The concept proposes to bring the greenery from agriculture fields and farms into the academic blocks of the university, thereby forming a continuous flow of lively and healthy environment.

The proposed design applies strategies to provide both passive and active design solutions. These measures include solar-power and wind energy applications, rain/storm water harvesting and reuse, as well as design solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and cooling-heating systems. Together the various solutions  shall contribute to the overall sustainability of the site, and benefit the environment and society of the entire region.

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