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Love Homes,
Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

A 10-acre affordable housing on highway from Jodhpur to Pali, comprising of independent units with 1, 2 & 3 BHK units and a host of facilities like the Community Center, School, Commercial Center & Health Clinic.

The scheme endorses an innovative approach towards designing low cost housings, wherein the quality and variety of open public spaces is at the core. Multiple unit types, staggering at successive levels gives each of them a private terrace, without increasing the overall cost.

Optimal integration of the local sources and neighborhood connections contributes to the design quality of a housing environment that is rich and stimulating. Thus the level, standard and spatial quality of the designed housing amenities and utilities refer to the overall housing standards and creation of the attractive network of public spaces within the residential units. Interfaces, such as public spaces, being combinations of places with additional complementary functions, are important in a sustainable vision of dynamic urban life. Functional diversity guarantees a balanced city structure and liveable neighborhood.

The assurance of public access to diversified places and activities is more efficient than trying to restore order in the disturbed mono-functional city through simple social intermixing.

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