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Entrance Gate of Punjab (Airport Entry Plaza)
Mohali (Punjab)

As the entry/exit points of International Airport are opening towards SAS Nagar, therefore for showcasing the spirit of the people of Punjab and to welcome the visitors, it has been proposed to have entrance gateway of Punjab on the road leading to International Airport. The gate and the plaza is designed to be a blend of modern & traditional Architecture in the form of monument / structure that reflects the spirit of the people of Punjab.

So we tried created an Entry / Exit Experience, a Plaza for every traveler and visitor to and from the city, a PLAZA that complements the nearby buildings and surroundings with its NATURAL CHARACTER. A subtle structure, in fact a SCULPTURE inspired by the natural beauty of Punjab… The Sun, The Landscape, The Air !

The word “Punjab” is made from the combination of two Persian words-‘Panj’ which means five and ‘Ab’ meaning water, giving the actual meaning to the phrase “Land of Five Rivers”. The five rivers which gave Punjab its name are Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej. These rivers flowing through Punjab constitute an important geographical feature of the state.

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