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Multi-Family Agro Housing,

The concept of Multi-Family Agro Housing is a presentation of a new urban and social vision that will address problems of chaotic urbanization, by creating a new order in the city and more specifically in the housing environment.

This state-funded housing is a program that combines low-rise apartments with a vertical greenhouse within the same building. The idea behind this kind of a housing is to create, a close to home space where families can produce their own food supply according to their abilities, tastes, and choices allowing citizens more independence, freedom, and an additional income.

The concept is a housing program that will allow the formation of a new social and urban order and that can be replicated as it represents basic human values lost in the process of modernization and progress. This housing will reduce the need for commuting and the extra development of the transportation system and it will replace the urban zoning strategy by more sustainable urban conception.

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