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Senior Secondary School,
Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.)

Schools are always changing to facilitate new ways of learning and organization. It is not possible therefore to create a plan that will work forever. Hence we generated a clear master plan, which provides a framework within which change can take place. The elements that were considered when planning a school are- planning, access and circulation, links and  location, adaptability and plan typology.


The overall sustainability of the project was ensured, thereby minimizing the impact on existing flora, fauna and ground water resources. Location of the buildings was paid due importance by placing them in order to draw in the community and providing good links to learning and recreation areas. Even the orientation was taken into account for incorporating the effects natural environment (daylight, sunlight, wind direction, noise, etc.). Adaptability also found a deep reference in our approach while keeping the possibility of future expansion and the effect on external areas.


Spaces shared by all types of users were centrally located. Links between activities were worked out in an attempt to resolve the fundamental issue of when and by whom these spaces shall be used in order to decide on their location. A symbiotic relationship between various activities was established so that spaces can be usefully grouped together.


A good school design is not simply about aesthetics. It is the careful synthesis of many aspects. Good design cannot be viewed as an optional extra. It is an essential part. It is the key to turn our vision for the school estate into reality.

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