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Sri Sai Baba Temple,
Karnal (Haryana)

The idea is to design a religious building to allow for a humble, serene and peaceful centre for the devotees of Shri Sai Baba, in a way that becomes a synonym for peace, harmony, prayer and meditation. A place where people can come and not only pray, but also make use of a very subtle and calm atmosphere to meditate and spend a peaceful time.

Overall design intends to incorporate and express baba’s philosophy of life, his humbleness, simplicity and connectivity between god and one self. Building design and planning also tries and incorporate essential Vaastu principles. It is a passively designed and is climatically responsive

Suggested design is very simple, humble and serene with landscape and open spaces complementing and attempting to accentuate the architecture of the building.


Materials used herein are the locally available ones, recycled, green and having low carbon footprint. Form and scale of the building are also inviting and not imposing thereby striking a balance between open and built spaces.


An ambient atmosphere (both inside and outside the building) that allows for prayer, meditation and a peaceful time with one self. A small souvenier / prasad shop can be combined  with the guard house at the main entry to the site.

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