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Utsav Mall,
Jhansi (UP)

The aim of this project was to produce a holistic, physical space that contains all of the possibilities for shopping, entertainment, leisure and being – in any form that can communicate practical, pragmatic and economically achievable solutions. These solutions have been implemented and built in a sustainable, innovative spirit.

Just like in a 21st century city, the Utsav Mall is centered on the passion for creative transformation and intense metamorphosis. This space — no longer bound by the over simplified functionalist notions of connectivity — can create a field of experience which is multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary. It is in this way, the great traditions of public space, the market, desire and fulfillment are connected to our present – which creates a future that is both unexpected and compelling.

Beyond designing spaces, shop-front, natural and artificial light... we tried to bring a powerful new notion of nature, both animate and inanimate, which will infuse the shopping plaza with a fantastic sense of joy, discovery and wonder. One of the ways to delve into this problem was to look into the history of public spaces. Walter Benjamin has described in his Arcades Project the technological, commercial, societal and artistic dimensions of the development of the 19th-century city.

Perhaps the 21st century city needs to discover its own heritage. This heritage is not only to be found in existing typologies and obvious requirements and needs. To give accessibility to everyone from the lonely individual, to families, young people, children, the elderly, tourists and visitors, one needs to develop an integrated program, which includes all of the arts.

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